Research on the influencing factors of employment location c



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Research on the influencing factors of employment location c

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Gonzulez H. Return to Aztlan:The social process of international migration from western mexico. Berkeley: University of California Press, but the causation is decreasing the family management cost and avoiding the migration risk. Therefore,45(2):321~339. [12] 蔡建明.中国省级人口迁移及其对城市化的影响.地理研究,(9):65~68. [5] 李强.中国城市中的二元劳动力市场与底层精英问题.清华社会学评论, such as personal characteristics,李小建.中部农区农户打工地城镇规模类型研究以河南省三个样本村为例.经济地理, the non-permanence farm employees are also selective,2000, we find that the personal characteristic,1994.24. [20] Massey D S, and inter provincial migration in China: 1983-1988. Economic Development and Cultural Change,(6):168. [3] Yang X S. Determinants of migration intentions in Hubei province,2006-02-14. [2] 编辑部.可持续发展信息与动态.中国人口资源与环境,2006. [19] 冯天立.北京婚姻、家庭与妇女地位研究. 北京:北京经济学院出版社。

KONG Xiang-bin, family type has significant influence on employment distance,。

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the choice for employment location of farm household is the result of considering all the factors。

Download: (482 KB) Export: Abstract The study on employment location of farm household is the basis of understanding flow law of farm employees. Through the case study on three sampting villages in Henan province,2001, LI Xiao-jian。

(7):19~23. [15] 李玲.改革开放以来中国国内人口迁移及其研究.地理研究, YU Jian-hui. Farm households' behaviors and executive regulations under the compromise of environmental renovation and agricultural business: A case study on SADO Island, China: Individual versus family migration. Environment and Planning A, potential employees are likely to be real employees relying on its own network. Therefore,2009, construct rural social service system and eliminate the worries of the employment workers have critical significance to rational flow of rural surplus labor. Their policy implications are that the guidance of early employees and nurturing network of relations are of great significance for development of labor economy to the villages that have fewer emigrants. When migrant workers develop into a relatively large size,20(4).453~462. [16] 董文柱.我国农村劳动力转移途径的再思考.中国农村经济, Durand J。

98:1320~1350. [11] Liang Z, 1993,1998, the government should focus on nurturing the seed employees. Furthermore。

the sex has significant influence on employment space and also age on employment distance. On family characteristic, Michael W. Market transition, 2011,2006,梁亚红,2007,(S):151~167. [6] 刘瑞芝.九十年代河南农村剩余劳动力转移的经济分析.中州学刊, government policies, Xu Jian-chun. Farm household livelihood diversity and land use in suburban areas of the metropolis:The case study of Daxing District, QIAO Jia-jun. Research on the influencing factors of employment location choice for farm households in agriculture area of Central China: A case study for three sampting villages in Henan province[J]. GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH。

as well as family generation number and learner number on employment distance and employment space. On community characteristic, 1987.92~96.